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Four worlds rotated the sun, each with their own rules and regulations, divided by history, blood and death. Once upon a time, they were brought together for the chance of a better world. A common evil that roamed them all had to be defeated, in order to restore the way it once was. Beautiful. Now in 800 BC, in a time when monsters ruled earth, sea and sky, that evil has returned. And another epic battle must occur. A battle so mighty, it would tear kingdoms apart. This battle was to take place in the land of the Vikings, as three people, a fearless Viking warrior, a cast out mermaid and a powerful fairy queen, must make an alliance to bring it all back together. None of these worlds would ever be the same. No hearts would go untouched. Four once separated worlds, would now forever be connected, in a way that no one could have expected, making the way for future kingdoms.


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